National Douglass Alumni Corporation

The National Douglass Alumni Corporation of Douglass K-8 & Douglass High  WELCOME you to our official website.

Our mission is to provide assistance, service, and support including but not limited to education, business, sports, and youth activities at both Douglass K-8 and Douglass High.

Our History

Our history dates back to 1972. In 2018 a new alumni was organized.  All chapters were dissolved and we became one – National Douglass Alumni Corporation. Vanessa Grimes Randle became this new organization’s first president.

Become a Member

Did you graduate from Douglass High School in Memphis, TN? We would love for you to join us!

The Original Douglass Alma Mater
Lyrics by Mrs. Geraldine Sims

Douglass School’s a place we always like to dwell,
To us it has grown very, very dear.
We love it more than any words can ever tell,
We’ll always sing her praises far and near.

Douglass, Douglass our dear beloved school.
To you we’ll always be loyal and true.
It was here we learned to keep the golden rule,
Each year our love for Douglass deeper grew.

Though we may roam afar in after years.
And whatever may our lot betide.
We will remember lessons we have learned here,
And ever think of Douglass School with love and pride.

Oh how our hearts beat and begin to fill with joy,
When ‘er this campus comes within our view.
This spot is cheris’d by every Douglass girl and boy,
When we hear her name it thrills us through and through.

The New Alma Mater
Lyrics and Music by Dr. Omar Robinson, Jr.

Alma Mater, we love thee dear, with our hearts and souls.
Your name is to me, the best there could be, setting our hearts aglow.

Our teachers dear, we will always love, as the years go by, Giving us the torch to light the way, never, never shall die.

Great school of mine, may you ever shine, till eternity.
May the sisterhood and the brotherhood, always live w ith thee.

Dear Old Douglass High, the maroon and white we love.
Dear Old Douglass High, you’ll always reign above.
Though the years may pass, your portals will ever stand,
Dear Old Douglass High!