NDAC Scholarship Application

National Douglass Alumni Corporation Scholarship Guidelines


To provide financial awards to students at Frederick Douglass High School and to encourage the pursuit of academic success during their post-secondary education.


  1. The application process will begin in February. The scholarship committee will meet with the principal, senior guidance counselor/sponsor to set a date for an in person meeting with all students who are interested in attending an accredited vocational school, a two-year college or a four-year college or university.
  2. All applications will be completed with the assistance of committee members or can be completed online on the NDAC Website; www.NDACMEMPHIS.COM.

AWARDS:  Awards are given to any student who attends Douglass High School as a graduating senior and completes an application for scholarship funds.  Each student must submit proof of enrollment to include student ID and class schedule that shows student’s name, school name, and year/semester of enrollment.  All proofs must be received by the Scholarship Committee by October 15th.  

  1. Special Award – The Special Award is given by an individual, a group or organization. The donor will specify in writing the criteria the recipient must meet and the amount of the award ($500.00 or more) to the Scholarship Committee by April 1st. The donor will include in the written criteria letter the options for dispersing the funds if no student meets the criteria (an alternative recipient or transfer funds to general scholarship fund).  The funds for the award must be given to the financial secretary by October 1st.
  2. Merit Award – The Merit award is given to every student who meets the awards criteria.
  3. Designated Award – The Designated Award is a sponsored award for any NDAC member of good financial standing who wishes to give a student of his or her choice a scholarship in the name of The National Douglass Alumni Corporation. Each sponsor must submit applicants’ proof of enrollment and application along with a voucher and the check for said student. The scholarship committee will in turn present a receipt to the sponsor and present the financial award to designated student at time of yearly scholarship award ceremony.
  4. Book Award – The Book Award is given annually to Douglass High School graduates who are pursuing a post-secondary education. This award will be given for three years if proof of enrollment and the yearly application are completed online by set deadline. The amount of the award is determined by the finance and scholarship committees.

**** A supplement may be added to the merit or special award.  The amount of the supplement will be determined by the scholarship and finance committees.



  1. All proof of enrollment documents must be received by September 15th of each calendar year.
  2. The scholarship committee must submit completed vouchers for checks to be issued by the finance committee.
  3. Checks will be distributed as soon as proofs are received by the committee.
  4. If a student misses the September 15th deadline, he/she will be encouraged to apply the following semester/year.
  5. Awards will be given for Fall and Spring semesters only. Eg. August and January terms.


  1. Meet with school guidance counselor or senior sponsor to assist students with applications for completeness and accuracy.
  2. Explain the process, dates and requirements to assigned students.
  3. Review applications and select students who meet criteria for awards.
  4. Form a relationship with the students you are assigned to ensure their documents are received in order and on time.
  5. Complete with accuracy and timeliness the vouchers needed to request checks for each student.
  6. Inform donors of special awards information about the recipient who received that donors award.

Scholarship Application Form

Online Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Committee Members

Ronald Claxton
[email protected]

Geraldine Sykes
[email protected]

Lula Sargent
[email protected]

Sandra Richardson
[email protected]

Mary Kincaide
[email protected]

Rita Houston
[email protected]

Loretta Stewart
[email protected]

Vanessa Randle
[email protected]

Dolores Briggs
[email protected]

Charlotte Patterson
[email protected]

Robert Howard
[email protected]