September is our membership drive month

This is the month when new members or members that have been inactive for two years can join for the cost of $40.00.

Our Annual Membership Drive Day is usually held on Labor Day.

We will be holding this event at Douglass Park on Holmes Rd at the main pavilion, starting time will be 12 noon until 4:00 P. M.  Come share in a memorable and fun-filled weekend and join the best Alumni in the world. Your membership and attendance in our alumni is truly needed.

Click to fill out the membership form pay by cash app, check, or money order and you will be glad you did.

See you at the next Alumni meeting or event.

Membership Committee

Mary Parker-Kincaide
[email protected]

Charlotte Patterson
[email protected]

Vibian Rice
[email protected]

Geraldine Sykes
[email protected]

Joe Myles-Alan

[email protected]

Sidney Bowen -California
[email protected]

Mauricio Parrish-Chicago

Lula Sargent-Memphis
[email protected]

Ronald Claxton -Memphis
[email protected]

Lesila Tate-Memphis
[email protected]

Pay Membership Dues

Please make check/money order payable to NDAC. Mail payment and application to the following address or you can use Cash App:

Make check payable and mail to:
P.O. Box 80532
Memphis, TN. 38108-0532

Pay with CashApp

CLICK HERE to pay with CashApp
Or in your app, enter one of these
Phone: 901-512-0796
Cashtag: $NDACMemphisTN

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